FAQ for Singtel Promo - How to Set up 3 months Free Subscription


    Singtel Remix Sing-Out Promo: I've been offered 3 months Free Premium Subscription. How do I activate it?


    Step 1

    Head on over to popsical.com and press "Login / Register" button.



    Step 2: Sign up account

    Select ‘Sign Up Here’ to create an Popsical account



    Step 3: Verify your email account

    Verify your email account. Resend the verification email, if you haven’t received.



    Step 4: Redeem your promo code

    Enter Promo Code

    Enter the unique ‘Promo Code’ given to you to enjoy the 3 months free subscription (See image snapshot below).

    Importantly, for Singtel customers enjoying this promo, please set up your account and activate this promo code



    Step 5: activate your promo code by subscription the “Premium Plan”

    Select ‘Subscribe Monthly Premium’, and input your payment information


    Your 3 months subscription will last for 3 months after. (Example, if you activate your 3 months free subscription on 29 Mar 2019, your 3 months account will expire and auto-renew on 28 June 2019.) Please note that this is only valid for new Popsical Remix purchased under this promotion.


    Success! You have completed the necessary steps for this. Enjoy your premium subscription!


    To find out how to prevent auto-renewal of your subscription plan, click HERE.



    1. Please make sure only the Popsical streaming device is logged in with a premium account in order to enjoy the premium play time.
    2. The app doesn't need to be logged in with a premium account. Even with a basic account on the app, it can still play premium song as long as it is paired to a Popsical streaming device that is logged in with a premium account.


    Still have a question? Drop us a note at: hello@popsical.com or call our Hotline: at +65 6916 1575 (Mondays – Fridays, 10am – 6pm)


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